Business Analyst Training Part 1 : How to Break Into Business Analysis With No Experience!

In today’s Business Analyst Training we are discussion how to break into business analysis with no work experience! You’ll learn How to Become a Business Analyst!

This video teaches you the steps to become a business analyst even if you have never worked as a business analyst before. Becoming a business analyst with no experience is a challenge for many people who want to break into this field and this video answers that question and shows you exactly how to become a business analyst.

Hi I’m Karaleise and I have over 10 years experience working as a business analyst and I help people to start and grow their business analyst careers.
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This channel covers the business analyst career.
You can find help here on business analyst interview questions and answers

Get a look into business analyst day in the life

Find out about business analyst roles and responsibilities

You can also answer questions on business analysis skills and job opportunities.

I have done videos that help you prepare for the business analyst interview by giving you the questions likely to be asked when looking for a business analyst job.

There is resume help so you can refine your business analyst resume

Also business analysis case studies and how to take a problem and apply your business analysis skills to solve it

And a whole lot more… Thanks for watching Karaleise | Business Analyst Training!


31 thoughts on “Business Analyst Training Part 1 : How to Break Into Business Analysis With No Experience!”
  1. Yes I create my own case studies in every field or watch them on YouTube and incorporate them on my cv 😂😂😂

  2. Another excellent video. Interview week and I'm just parsing all of this great info as fast as you can say it!

  3. Hi there ma'am, so I'm currently pursing my bachelor degree in MIS(MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS) and minor in Healthcare informatics, do you think I would be able to get a business analyst job and if I would need to know specific coding for example SQL or Rstudio

  4. Thanks! I have spent Ten years in I.T handling projects and all other IT stuff I have BA in History(long story) but it has helped my writing and analytical as well as communication skills. Do you think that will help my chances in becoming a BA? Thanks

  5. Hello .. I just found your YouTube channel and honestly I'm looking forward for a career switch into business analyst and your video really helped. I am almost zero with coding and everything and that's what scares me…

  6. Do you suggest me take a data analysis course/certification in order to start ? I already have a business degree

  7. How to Food, it doesent't matter if it slow food or fast food. You're a human, a predator so hunt you victim. Or you are a vagana, so run salat…RUN! 😛

  8. Ma'am, I'll be studying business analytics and project management-IT. Can I work as a Business Analysis after studying these courses since I think that both courses will cover the skillsets of Business Analysis?

  9. Thank you for doing this, i am currently doing my MBA. I thought of learning BA as a beginner knowing i will need it later on. when i am done with my MBA. I hope to watch more of your content and help me grown as i begin this journey

  10. Hi, I think the only way to become a business analyst is to have some experience in IT field and then getting a BA qualification and get promoted

  11. Lol great content!!! I may become a business analyst because of a Myers-Briggs’ test 😂😂😂

  12. As a struggling, first-gen, black girl majoring in business analytics, your channel is a godsend!! Gives me such hope :,)

  13. Hi , what I have to learn to become a business analyst?…I don't know what u r telling about case study

  14. Hi Kara, i will suggest you number the videos in a sequence to make learning structured. I am addicted to your videos now

  15. Thankz for the amazing content ,and i complete a business analytics certificate cause after my higher education ,so can i become a business analytics ?

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