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This video on “Business Analyst Training for Beginners” explains all the fundamentals of Business Analysis & the roles & responsibilities of a Business Analyst
Areas covered:
1. History of Business Analysis
2. What is Business Analysis?
3. Importance of Business Analysis
4. Companies using Business Analysis
5. Business Analysis process & knowledge areas
6. Business Analysis case study
7. Business Analysis techniques
8. Roles & responsibilities of a Business Analyst
9. Business Analyst skills
10. Business Analysis tools & certifications
11. Demo on Balsamiq tool

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20 thoughts on “Business Analyst Training for Beginners | Business Analysis Tutorial | Invensis Learning”
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  2. Thank you very much Invensis, this video is very helpful to me as a faculty of the College of Business

  3. But isn't business analysis the inherent task of a manager or the business owner at least for solely-owned small business enterprise.

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