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    Hi guys,
    In this video, I share several ways you can become a business analyst in Canada without any business analyst (BA) experience. This method just requires you to buckle down and do the work. Check out some ways to become a business analyst without experience.

    Business Analyst professional organization – IIBA –
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    1. Hey, I am an IB Y2 student and will begin my undergraduate degree in the second half of 2022. I love the job of business analyst and truly desire to be one. However, I am a bit confused in choosing the right degree for this career. Should I do a
      Bachelor of Economics degree
      Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in information systems, etc)

      Which would provide a more clear path to becoming a business analyst?

      Hope to receive a reply by anyone. Thank you🙏🏻

    2. Bro please tell me one thing..
      I am in Brampton right now. I am pursuing my first year pg certification in project management for sep intake …my course will end in april 22 as it is a one year course. I am planning to take 2nd course in business analysis/analytics and want to continue in this field for full time.. but there are no colleges here in brampton who offers one year business analysis/ analytics course…Should i relocate to Toronto or Scarborough? Will it be a good decision? Suppose if i do not move and stay in Brampton, should i go for supply chain management? Is there any way i can move to BA field in future if i am pursuing project management in first year and supply chain management in 2nd year ? Is supply chain management as beneficial as BA course? Also if i do not have any diploma or degree in BA field can i still become a BA just on the basis if skills which i learn online? Please suggest me also if I should go for may intake or September? Also please tell me if one year BA course is enough to land a job in Canada? Also tell me if co up is good if i go for 2nd course as BA.