Business Analyst Interview With Rishi Poptani • Senior Business Analyst (Capital Markets Domain)

Business analyst interviews can be stressful, but there are things you can do to improve your chances of success. This is an example of how to perform well by answering the most common business analysis interview questions asked of senior business analysts.

Rishi Poptani is a senior business analyst with close to 10 years of experience in the capital markets.

In this candidate showcase interview, Rishi speaks to us about his experiences helping major global financial institutions design and operate their enterprise systems for core business areas.

Any recruiters or hiring managers looking for a business analyst with investment management/capital markets experience in the Greater Toronto area should consider looking at Rishi’s profile for a possible fit.

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45 thoughts on “Business Analyst Interview With Rishi Poptani • Senior Business Analyst (Capital Markets Domain)”
  1. what about if youre in a meeting with cross teams and 2 different teams (or more) both have a priority at the same level what do you do then ho wdo you prioritize ?

  2. I enjoyed this mock interview session. I will be incorporating some of it into developing my CV story

  3. Do we have to complete a certification to add more credibility and weightage as a BA in Capital Market?

  4. Pls resolve the issue with delayed withdrawals pays ROI weekly and if Cashfx doesn't sort the withdrawal issues, you may start losing customers
    I believe in the Cashfx project and I hope this is sorted ASAP.

  5. Really loved the content, the structure, and the organization, but do not use too many "uh" s in the conversation. If you notice the Interviewer's "uh" blended in the sentence, but the interviewee's "uh"s were more pronounced which reflects lower levels of confidence. I believe he has written down the notes on his screen and is using it as a reference (love that trick, always helps) to frame his sentences.

    The way I removed filler words from my conversation was to reduce my speed of speaking. (Speed of thinking > speed of speaking) Using this comparison you will be able to reduce fillers from your sentence.

  6. I am currently working in research department in investment banking. I am from business management background done b com and MBA in finance. Can i pursue business analyst course in future?

  7. Simply Superb! Such interview is really helpful to know about the market, competition and BA Interview process. Appreciate the work you have done in this domain. Keep it Up! Thanks.

  8. The candidate is looking for mature intelligent calm and confident than the interviewer 🙂 But itna boring insaan hai,,, If i would have been his interviewer I would have sent my colleague to take the rest of it… :;p

  9. Really great insights, as a fresher i loved the way he explained every situation. Really helped me to answer various questions based on these situations. Thanks a ton ❤️

  10. Just wondering, always looking at the right side of the screen with pauses when speaking, doesn't it come off as something undesirable?

  11. I have a bachelors in computer science and I am a BA – what would be a good Masters to do to progress career-wise? Something business related?

  12. I don't know but it looked like from first sight, Ayushman Khurana (from Bala) was giving the interview.

  13. One of the best interviews 🙂 Rishi has responded so smoothly. I really like the response on conflict management.

  14. 19:40 if one does not have a software development (coding) background, then how to defend your candidature for BA role ? please comment any one

  15. I have experience of 7 years in capital market domain. But I want to become business analyst on IT software for investment banking.
    Please suggest from where to start?

  16. I rarely comment on youtube.
    Great questions, great scenarios, great answers, great interview.
    Very informative. Thanks a lot for sharing this interview

  17. great video . this helps a lot of us who are willing to start out and get direction to a BA role. Rishi has massive experience which is shown in the answers . great job guys

  18. As per my experience, a BA role is more about expressing, way of communicating, ur facial expressions, ur first instinct when you hear the question,

    You can be a software developer by learning tech.
    But u become BA with experience and analysis, IQ thing is what u r born with.

  19. Is basic BA certification course essential to get your 1st BA job?. This is with over 20 years of core Finance(Specialism FP&A) experience

  20. Do these sort of generic questions get really asked In interviews.. I always get bombarded with tough domain and technical questions in an interview, which tests my knowledge in finance and technology

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