Business Analyst Career Path

Get more information on career in Business Analyst.
Do we need Technical Skills for Business Analyst?


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  1. Hi sir i am a hospitality professional with 12 years of experience and my age is 37. I am eagerly looking for changing my profile apart from hotel and restaurant management. Will it be ok to do a basic course of business analytics?

  2. Sir I completed MBA finance and Marketing nd now an Immigration Business Analyst. Is it oke if I continue the jobfield.? Can u tell the ways to get a promotion in this field?

  3. Hi Sir, I have 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing can I get into the Business Analyst role. If yes can you please suggest how to shift and become Business Analyst?

  4. After mba can I go for business analysis professional course ..when I have HR experience?

  5. I am currently into software testing and interested to move to BA role , where I want to work mostly on domain and not coding.
    Do you provide any training?

  6. Hello Sir,
    The video is really nice.
    I have 6+ years of experience as backend developer and now I am willing to move to move to non developer role. I hared a lot about BA role and thought of moving so. But I have few questions I expect if you can please answers
    1. Is it really good in manner of CTC grow in future for a developer to switch to BA?

    2. Other than BA what analyst position will be best suited if I have very good team building skill and leadership skill?
    3. Can I switch in my role to BA in my own company? If so what needs to be done from my end if you will just suggest me?
    4. If Q.3 not applicable . If I need to move to other company than will I good hike like from developer to BA?
    and How can I switch to other company with minimal expense of any training (other company in BA role)?

  7. Hello , do BAs have an edge during MBA placements for Management Consulting roles ? For example McKinsey Associate placement

  8. I do not have coding or programming experience. Shoudl i enroll in Msc Business Analytics course?

  9. Hello sir really liked vedio.. I am Btech graduate in computer science .and I want to start my career as BA so can you please make a vedio on different branches of BA. With there I format and if you can suggest some online courses too then it will great. Plsss replay thank you

  10. Hello sir,
    I am an MBA in finance with experience in Finance field for 5 years. I am considering a change to Business anlayst filed, will my earlier experience be counted or i have to start from scratch

  11. What are opportunities for an automobile field expert ( sales n service person) be business analyst?…after pursuing cbap course?..

    Pls elaborate the opportunities n how to grab them …..

    What are

  12. Hi sir
    Yesterday I got selected in Deloitte for business analyst .
    Will it be a right path?

  13. Hi I'm a fresher, I have been selected as Business Analyst @ Zomato. I was planning to pursue MBA from IIM or US universities after 2-3 years of experience for higher career growth. What's your opinion. Please advice. Is it worth an MBA from top university after some experience as Business Analyst? Especially to rapidly grow high up on the ladder of the organization

  14. Hello sir , I am pursuing my degree ( bcom) , am I eligible for ba? If what course I need to take ?

  15. Hello sir
    I am a software engineer having 2+ years of experience in IT but I want to change my profile to business analyst.
    How can I do that?? Please suggest

  16. sir, can you please suggest a place where I can take up the BA cource. I'm in a lot of confusition.

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