Building Docker Images using Jenkins step by step | Devops Integration Live Demo | JavaTechie

This tutorial will guide you How to build Docker image using Jenkins also you will learn Jenkins docker integration step by step

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36 thoughts on “Building Docker Images using Jenkins step by step | Devops Integration Live Demo | JavaTechie”
  1. simply awesome. Your videos not only help juniors but also gives input to people who are working in these area for long but missing some dots…thanks again for all your hard work !!!

  2. Amazing explanation.. you made it very simple .. please keep continue it and make it available to us ahead .. thank you..

  3. i followed your tutorial but i'm having this error when i build my docker image. it said that the folder "/var/jenkins_home/workspace/build spring boot in docker image"): error=2, No such file or directory.

  4. i can't open caption on this video. I'm not good English so i need to read subtitle, How can i open it?

  5. Unfortunately this way you don't test your code in standarized environment – you test and build the code using maven on your Jenkins machine and then only move already-built image to Dockerimage. The main reason you use docker is to be able to test and deploy in the same environment

  6. You're a major reason I could land a job, I still don't know much about containerization but at least your videos helped me clear the basics required for the interview. Thanks a lot!!!

  7. This is really a helpfull video who wanted to learn CI/CD pipleline end to end. Thanks a lot

  8. Hi Thanks a million for this video. My question is, how do ou now deployed to you dev enviroment. can you do a video of that.

  9. I am facing 1 issue like in my DockerHub I am not seeing pushed docker image. Jenkins shows everything performed as expected but somehow Docker Hub is not showing the repository. Can you please help me on this ??

    Honestly, your tutorial and explanation method is superb…. Hats off.

  10. can you do it how to integrate git, jenkins, docker and kubarnetes, is there any way if its there, can you do please ,,, you have done well this video , ,thanks

  11. Very nice tutorial, Please add kubernetes to this and explain and mention what software needed to install on pc to do this

  12. getting error while creating image

    Caused by: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.create(Native Method)

    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.<init>(Unknown Source)

    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(Unknown Source)

    … 20 more

    Build step 'Docker Build and Publish' marked build as failure

    Finished: FAILURE

    like this

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