Building and Deploying your Code with Azure Pipelines

With Azure Pipelines you can build and deploy your code written in any language using any platform, no problem. In this video we will show why Azure Pipelines is the best tool on the planet for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) of your code.

Speaker: Abel Wang

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40 thoughts on “Building and Deploying your Code with Azure Pipelines”
  1. I don’t know what’s better, the presenters amazing energy or the fabulous tools provided by Microsoft 😀

  2. You just selected the group without creating it? I've been struggling with this for hours. It's NOT easy. It's outright foolish the way it's designed. 90% of the people out there will be deploying to a web server. A simple FTP publish option should be primary. That's all you needed to do! Just do the build step then push to FTP. All the other 100s of options can be additional options.

  3. The hocus pocus magic and the tricky work is in creating the "Oh let me just add a couple of tasks here" in the Yaml file to publish the right output to the right locations. Fancy hand trick that makes it look easy, but isn't. The Deployment/Release steps fail miserably if you don't get the magic publish steps right, and with very poor error output that leaves you wondering what is wrong. Why do the default templates not already include the magic publish steps?

  4. Why do ALL Microsoft videos have this condescending patronising tone to them?
    It is like they think everyone watching is an 8 year child!

  5. Hi, just a quick question. Can you use pipelines to just send changes to a static website? I'd like to centralize a couple hundred websites via this method. My code is in Github and it is endpointed over a hundred servers spread all over the place:) I'd like to just FTP it straight to the webservers is there a simple script that can be supplied that I might use as a quick reference?

    Kind regards,

  6. Nice tutorial!! One question please. It 's possible run pipeline using rest API. I have an a pipeline that will run a command "terraform apply". I would like to know if from an application i developed, is possible to call an endpoint to run that pipeline. Thank you 😉

  7. I am totally new to Azure DevOps. I am an Android Developer. I came to know that using Azure DevOps my Application can be published in Google PlayStore using CI pipelines. But my question is if I made a few changes can my application get updated without installing Apk or update from the playstore. Please let me know, this is a bit urgent for me.

  8. Can someone help me in how to get a detailed report of service connections information under a Devops project, which should include – Service Connection Name, Client ID, Who created it, When was the last time used

  9. please help….i am doing CI/CD of xamarin ios project and i want to deploy it as enterprise but i cant find any option ,during build i have used release configuration..
    what to do

  10. ridiculously simple is the overstatement of the century! It is opaque and complicated and hard to debug.

  11. "All you have to do is post 25 lines of code that you will get no explanation about and voila – that is all you have to do." whaaaa?

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