Building an Ansible Tower Cluster

This week’s video is about building an Ansible Tower Cluster with the newly released Ansible Tower 3.1.1. Don’t be afraid: the actual installation is sped up and takes less than a minute 😉

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9 thoughts on “Building an Ansible Tower Cluster”
  1. Does ansible tower support sticky/persistent sessions? It's a more viable solution to throw up a load balancer in front of your a-a.

  2. Thanks Maxim for this great video. It helped me build the Ansible Tower Cluster. Can you please make a video on Building an Ansible Tower HA with multi master PostgreSQL so that my Ansible tower doesn't fail on failure of primary PostgreSQL database server. Including PostgreSQL replication with Active-Active PostgreSQL or Active -passive PostgreSQL. Thanks

  3. Great video. Thank you. Do you think you could make a video on how to setup a cluster with a load balancer, so user could just go to one address (like, and get sent to one of the 3 servers?

  4. Answered my questions regarding licensing, one license shared amongst the number of instances.

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