Build your own Data warehouse in just 4 steps


    Build you data warehouse in just 4 easy steps :
    1) Specify your problem statement.
    2) Create Dimensional Model using Erwin.
    3) Create ETL Jobs using Talend.
    4) Slice and Dice your Fact table in Tableau and visualize with great effects.

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    1. The real talent is to create right dimension and fact, which of course is not a part of this video. Rest everything can be done by 1 year fresher guy.

      I am a data warehouse architect from past 14 years, I clicked on this video thinking it would be something new (by looking at the title).. but it is just a waste of time.

      I am not going to dislike this video but I feel bad for people who are here to learn something but will end up seeing someone's personal project with no insight. I am even not sure it this is a part of adventure works or similar database.

    2. Bharat, this is an awesome video, very informative and helpful! Thank you very much!

      A question: I always thought that modeling data in a sta schema is only beneficial when slicing it in a classical OLAP cube tool like SSAS. If you ended up using Tableau as the OLAP tool, which basically join all the tables, wouldn't the performance (lets neglect for now the benefits of a warehouse and SCD2) be the same had you just loaded the source data to Tableau?