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Build & Deploy Multi-Container Apps to AWS


As the cloud-native approach to development and deployment becomes more prevalent, it’s an exciting time for software engineers to be equipped on how to dockerize multi-container applications and deploy them to the cloud.

In this talk, Lukonde Mwila, Software Engineer at Entelect, will cover the following topics:
– Docker Compose
– Containerizing an Nginx Server
– Containerizing an React App
– Containerizing an Node.JS App
– Containerizing anMongoDB App
– Runing Multi-Container App Locally
– Creating a CI/CD Pipeline
– Adding a build stage to test containers and push images to Docker Hub
– Deploying Multi-Container App to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Lukonde will start by giving an overview of how Docker Compose works and how it makes it very easy and straightforward to startup multiple Docker containers at the same time and automatically connect them together with some form of networking.

After that, Lukonde will take a hands on approach to containerize an Nginx server, a React app, a NodeJS app and a MongoDB instance to demonstrate the power of Docker Compose. He’ll demonstrate usage of two Docker files for an application, one production grade and the other for local development and running of tests. Lastly, he’ll demonstrate creating a CI/CD pipeline in AWS to build and test our Docker images before pushing them to Docker Hub or AWS ECR, and finally deploying our multi-container application AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Speaker: Lukonde Mwila, Entelect
Twitter: @Luke9ine


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