Britain's Got Talent 2016 Kathleen Jenkins Semi-Final Round 1 Full Performance S10E08

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39 thoughts on “Britain's Got Talent 2016 Kathleen Jenkins Semi-Final Round 1 Full Performance S10E08”
  1. Just a cleaner? The world would be in a terrible state without cleaners. All cleaners do a great job. Thank you.

  2. As Simon says Kathleen is special, has an amazing voice. I think that without the right help and backing she may not get as far as she deserves. Kathleen Jenkins' got talent, she should have won. Isn't there anybody in Uk that can help her to build a great singing career?

  3. mmm, although this appearance is not as strong as her first appearance (wild horses), but she shows that she is very mature in quality..

  4. O…M…G…! No words can describe the gift of a true songstress…you will go far beyond your expectation!…Your parents have done well in your up bringing precious lady! God Bless You!

  5. Yet , this superb talent is back cleaning toilets , exactly where she was before her first audition ……… ……….

  6. She’s amazing. Her dad is definitely her biggest fan. I hope she can give her cleaning job. She’s beautiful too.

  7. Who in the world dressed Kathleen do this it’s awful thank god her voice surpasses presentation

  8. So humble, so talented; she deserves all she can attain….incredible voice , totally in control.?

  9. I like Kathleen J.,a great singer and such a sweetheart,BUT,I have never seen a more unflattering dress in my life.I do hope she gets all the best in her life.

  10. While I adore Susan Boyle, this Gal knocked this Song out of the Ballpark, while Susan approached the song “timidly”, as if she was “afraid” of it…..just Love Kathleen’s Version…Gave me Chills, but Susan…..just a disappointment…….

  11. Oh Kathleen, Kathleen! You are a magnificent creature. Your devotion to music is exceptional! You move me deeply.
    Please tell your father how much he is appreciated, and by so many .. he is so emotionally connected to you and loves you so much. I felt that also from your husband when I saw him in that clip and I could see he was in it forever .. you voice enchanted him .. you could tell when he spoke.
    You deserve it all, Kathleen .. and more! Funny thing is I'm watching this from the future – in 2021 – as you will be in the future of this message I'm writing to you. Love and gratitude for opening my heart when you sing. You and music are magnificent together!

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