Beginners Guide To Python For AWS Using Boto3


00:00 – Titles
00:15 – Intro
00:37 – The Use Of The Cloud9 IDE
01:16 – The Boto3 Library
01:33 – Boto3 Clients
01:54 – Boto3 Methods
02:26 – Making A Call And Getting A Response
02:47 – Configure Cloud9
04:27 – Boto3 Coding Demo

In this video we look at how python can be used to interact with AWS, via the Boto3 library, for beginners with minimal AWS – and even coding experience.To avoid the complexity of covering all the bases on how to configure a users local desktop to interact with AWS, and python, we opt to use Cloud9.

Cloud9 is the AWS web based IDE, and with its free tier eligibility it provides a cost effective way that we can efficiently interact with AWS using python. We start off the video by learning about the basic theory of Boto3, before moving onto a coding demo.

😎 About me
I have spent the last decade being immersed in the world of big data working as a consultant for some the globe’s biggest companies. My journey into the world of data was not the most conventional. I started my career working as performance analyst in professional sport at the top level’s of both rugby and football. I then transitioned into a career in data and computing. This journey culminated in the study of a Masters degree in Software development. Alongside many a professional certification in AWS and MS SQL Server.


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  1. Good. Please increase the font size and let the background be white as it increases visibility

  2. FYI I got an error for LocationConstraint when following this and had to update my s3_client to be 's3_client = boto3.client('s3', region_name='eu-west-1')'

  3. your vids are awesome!! keep up with the good work, you are a lifesaver for us wannabe aws experts

  4. I enjoyed the video.
    Thank you for organizing the good contents neatly.
    Please understand that the comment used a translator.

  5. Thank you for the detailed over view. Nice explanation. For a fresher like me it is very helpful. Keep doing👏

  6. Really enjoyed your video. Very clear and concise, which isn't always the case with many videos on YouTube. Good job

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