Azure Pipelines


In this episode, Robert is joined by Mickey Gousset, who takes us on a tour of Azure Pipelines. He shows how straightforward it is to automate your builds and deployments using Azure Pipelines. They are a great way to started on your path to using DevOps practices to ship faster at higher quality.

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  1. Azure Pipelines is an amazing product.

    I am a Office 365 , Active Directory and couple of servers Sysadmin and I use a lot of PowerShell scripts on my work.

    when I came across with Azure Devops & Azure Pipelines I was shocked on how easy it is to set up a working pipeline in minutes , and it has a lot of great tasks which are already available like sending email , running PowerShell scripts , SSH into servers , it is so simple and yet so powerful.

  2. I would say it would be more efficient if instead of this lead (that obviously did not really understand wtf) you could put a competitor, let's say a java coder, a gitlab users that would challenge this azure devops guy with questions how to do this and that… because in our system we can achieve such and such, do you have it? how do you do it? Because guys… really, it's April 2019 and you discuss yaml like a revelation…. please… seriously – know your rivals and do better.

  3. Nice video, though I was totally confused first time I went in to the GUI, so I actually gave up. Messy and hard to know where to click or what will happen when icons and overlays are moving and disappearing all time. So I would like a better user experience. But I will look forward to start migrating our apps from Kudu-deployment to Azure Pipeline soon.