Azure Pipelines - Use YAML not Classic UI

The industry is going for Pipelines as Code and you should jump on the YAML pipeline train. Classic is not going away. But the future is code, not UI.

00:00 Classic Pipelines are Legacy
00:21 Different ways of achieving same thing
00:50 Don’t use Classic Pipelines


2 thoughts on “Azure Pipelines – Use YAML not Classic UI”
  1. Sorry, but you're missing out on an important fact. Iteration with a GUI is much easier than with a programming/scripting/templating language. I completely understand the appeal of pipelines as code, however, you miss out on that ability to rapidly iterate when you use Azure DevOps classic pipelines.

    For me, it's much easier to disable a task, add a new one in and then deploy as opposed to writing some yaml, committing it to a repo the hoping it works when I subsequently deploy.

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