Azure Pipelines - Sharing Service Connections / Credentials across Projects

Third and last video about Service Connections. Depending on how you sliced your applications into Azure DevOps “Projects”, you might want to share Credentials aka Service Connections with multiple pipelines and apps. Here’s how and even across Azure DevOps Organizations using Key Vault.

CORRECTION – Automatic Connections do not Rotate Credentials for you.

Yet another reason why I prefer and recommend you create the Service Principals manaually.

#AzurePipelines #DevOps

00:00 How to Share
00:32 Allow List for Pipelines
01:03 Why you can’t share across Orgs
01:58 Workaround with Key Vault
03:30 ProTip Connection Event Hub to Key Vault for Credential Rotation


3 thoughts on “Azure Pipelines – Sharing Service Connections / Credentials across Projects”
  1. Hey Julie! I'm new to Azure DevOps/Pipelines and your videos guide me through this journey to my first Azure pipeline. Kudos and fist-bumps from Poland, you're a great mentor!
    ps. 1.4k subscribers? Seriously Youtube? This channel deserves a lot more!

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