Azure Pipelines – Build


In this episode, part 1 of 2, Robert introduces you to Azure pipelines, a cloud service that you can use to automatically build and test your code project and make it available to other users. Robert shows how to create a Build pipeline, also known as continuous integration, which builds the entire solution every time you check in code.

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  1. I find it increadible depressing that you are talking about "Deliver value" to your customers giving us a simple tutorial on how to build and deploy a webapp.
    As soon as I try to deliver this value, I stumble over 1000 questions and find no answers…

    Different versions of Pipelines yaml and classic. Release pipelines are not yaml and therefore 50% of my learnings are voided again. (Reason I got here)
    I get multiple tasks that do the same DotNetCli Tasks and msbuild, vsbuild, nugetcommand etc.
    I would like to build a xamarin android nuget package with .net standart target and publish it to our organisations feed.

    Now if I start searching for related issues the naming of things and involved tasks etc is so fragmented that I'm chassing in circles…
    For me this Azure thing feels like a slippery fish and your enthusiasm doing a "Simple" catch but not enabling me to go further feels infuriating.

  2. Just spent alot of time trying to find good documentation for Azure Pipelines to get it all to work. Like all MSBuildargs in task VSBuild that is NOT documented, like /p:SOMEPARAMETER Finally after alot of Googlng I manage to got it to work. So better documentation please in the future.
    And why both Classic mode and only-YAML mode?! So confusing…