Azure DevOps Self Hosted Agents in Azure Kubernetes Service


    Do you know that you can run your Azure DevOps builds in a container? Let’s look at how to run the Azure DevOps CI/CD build task inside a container. Then we will take it one step forward and use Azure Kubernetes Service to create multiple build agents as your requirement.

    ★ Timestamps

    0:00 – Intro and Overview
    1:20 – Introduction to Azure DevOps Self Hosted Agents
    6:00 – Explain Build Self Hosted Agent Dockerfile
    9:09 – Build Dockerfile and Create a Build Agent
    25:01 – Run Node Build Task on Agent Pool
    29:37 – Run Self Hosted Agent in Azure Kubernetes Cluster
    42:13 – Build Node Application with Azure Kubernetes Agent Pool
    44:04 – Wrap Up

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