Azure DevOps Pipelines With Salesforce DX

As a developer working with the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, building a great CICD process is paramount to delivering great customer and employee experiences. Thanks to the Salesforce DX toolkit and some great tooling created by Accenture, using Microsoft’s Azure DevOps platform as your CICD toolkit for Salesforce DX is a snap. Learn more in this quick demo.

Salesforce DX:

SFPowerScripts AzureDevs extension:

Code & YAML Template:


7 thoughts on “Azure DevOps Pipelines With Salesforce DX”
  1. It’s a nice pipeline. I am unable to understand the deploy task in your yaml pipeline

    target_org: 'AzureDevOpsScratchOrg'
    project_directory: './'
    source_directory: 'force-app'
    checkonly: false
    wait_time: '20'
    testlevel: 'NoTestRun'
    isToBreakBuildIfEmpty: true
    isTelemetryEnabled: true

    May I know where did you configure sfdx force: mdapi:deploy ?

  2. Fantastic content, Unfortunately SFPowerscripts is no longer available on Azure DevOps, any advice or alternate videos for a work around?

  3. Hi Frank, Really nice one. Can you please share the list of tasks you ran on the pi[peline please. ( That will be really helpful

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