Azure DevOps – Kubernetes Service Connection


    You can create a connection from Azure Pipelines to external and remote services for executing tasks in a job. Once you establish a connection, you can view, edit, and add security to the service connection.


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    1. Very helpful video sir, but when I tried to create clusterrole and clusterrolebinding for AWS EKS, and when run azure pipeline(in hosted agent) its showing the below error
      Error from server(Forbidden): error when retrieving current configuration of: Resource: "apps/v1, Resource=deployments", GroupVersionKind: "apps/v1, Kind=Deployment"

      Name: "billing-usage", Namespace: "cc-cloud" please kindly help me in this regard…..will be waiting for your reply Thanks.

    2. Hello, I have created my cluster using vagrant and have connected the agent pool for that cluster as well. I have also created the service acont for the role and role binding. But i am still getting the below error when running an pipeline…

      ""Error from server (Forbidden): "azure-role-test" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:connect-devops:azure-connection-kubernetes" cannot delete resource "roles" in API group "" in the namespace "connect-devops"

      The process '/usr/bin/kubectl' failed with exit code 1""

      Can you please help me out with this ??