Azure Build & Release Pipeline | Azure DevOps | CI CD | Azure Artifacts | Dynamics CRM

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In this video you will learn what is #AzurePipeline and #CICDConiguration in Azure.
This video has demonstration of deploying CRM solution from one instance to another instance using Azure build pipeline.

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11 thoughts on “Azure Build & Release Pipeline | Azure DevOps | CI CD | Azure Artifacts | Dynamics CRM”
  1. Thanks for all the beautiful content. I have a question: What's the advantage of deploying solutions in this manner? It seems to me more time and effort compared to just actually exporting and importing to your target?
    I am learning a lot though.

  2. incredible man. if you give me a PayPal id, ill send you something to buy a coffee for yourself. Ive been super lost for a while on d365 and how it works with the devops. your explanation was what I needed more than the UI aspect

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