AWS vs Azure | Expert Talk with Sreeharsha Veerapalli | AWS Devops | Azure DevOps | Telugu | Pashams

In this video I have asked questions about AWS, Azure, DevOps to Expert Sreeharsha Veerapalli. Watch the complete video you will know many things about AWS, Azure, GCP and DevOps career.

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37 thoughts on “AWS vs Azure | Expert Talk with Sreeharsha Veerapalli | AWS Devops | Azure DevOps | Telugu | Pashams”
  1. When we ask any questions to Sree Harsha, he is not responding correctly. When he does not have any patience to answer to any small question as well, its useless for him to do the classes. Please note- Im talking about the paid classes he is teaching. he is not responding to the questions to them who are attending his classes. Stop interviewing people like these experts

  2. Akka ippudu oka cloud tho inkoka cloud kuda nerchukovali ani cheparu kada. For example ippudu AWS chesam kada daanitho Azure kuda chesamu. So for both certification mandatory ah or AWS ki certification cheste saripotunda akka?

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