AWS Tutorial - Setup an Application Load Balancer over Http with Linux EC2 webservers

AWS Tutorial – Setup an Application Load Balancer over Http with Linux EC2 webservers

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22 thoughts on “AWS Tutorial – Setup an Application Load Balancer over Http with Linux EC2 webservers”
  1. Thanks for the video, it is very helpful. I have one question, what would be the best approach to implement a WAF in AWS without a load balancer? for the caseI just need one server to be protected by the WAF or independent servers.

  2. Excellent tutorial.
    I have a question :
    After setup a load balancer, is there a way to deploy my files in /var/www/html in only one server and automatically copied to the second load balancer without connect via SSH to this second ?

  3. After starting httpd in putty, you have pasted public IPV4 address in the browser you could see test html page. But when I have pasted my public IPV4 address in my browser, it is showing site cant be reached. Can you give me any suggestions to overcome that error?

  4. hi namarataHshah what you done EC2 create index.html and you open in chome with ec2 ,mine in putty everything execution is doing properly but open in chrom its showing cant accessible will you able to help me out

  5. Namrata: Amazing. Please upload a video on path-based load balancing. Thank you in advance!

  6. if i hit with the elb ip address it should come either its ec2 instance 1 or ec2 instance2 , can u put on that

  7. excellent tutorial on ALB. you made it so clear and simple that a cave man can do it. LOL !!. Thank you !!!!. you are the best !!. Mat.

  8. Interesting and Informative. I'm also looking out for a video that can help me to do DB migration using the AWS migration tool.

  9. How to redirect my alb dns name to my particular domain name (webserver) which is hosted in a private subnet. Can u provide the full steps. Thanks .

  10. hi namratah , thanks for your videos. can you please tell , what are all need to learn for AWS solution architect .?

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