AWS Tutorial on Amazon EC2

In this AWS tutorial, you’ll gain lots of hands-on experience with Amazon EC2. You’ll launch virtual instances on the AWS cloud and learn how to securely configure them and access them from your home or office. Delivered with diagrams to show you what you’re doing!

By the end of this tutorial for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, you’ll be confident with launching and managing your own Amazon EC2 instances on the AWS Cloud.

Overview of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Launch your first Amazon EC2 instance in the cloud [00:09:48]
Connect to Amazon EC2 Linux instance [00:23:00]
Connect to Amazon EC2 Windows instance [00:29:35]
Learn about AWS security groups and test with ICMP pings between instances [00:32:36]
Access EC2 instance metadata [00:42:31]
Access EC2 instance user data [00:46:36]
Amazon EC2 status checks and monitoring [00:49:37]
Learn the difference between public, private, elastic IP addresses [00:56:21]
Private IP addresses [1:00:33]
Public IP addresses [1:03:45]
Elastic IP addresses and Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) [1:11:16]
Create private subnets and bastion hosts [1:19:37]
NAT Instances and NAT Gateways [1:32:27]
Private subnet with NAT Gateway [01:36:49]
Private subnet with NAT Instance [01:42:41]
Learn how to connect to your private Amazon EC2 instances using agent forwarding [01:49:47]
Understand placement groups including cluster, partition and spread placement groups [01:54:29]

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29 thoughts on “AWS Tutorial on Amazon EC2”
  1. Thank you Neal for this video. Compared to other AWS videos I found yours to go into enough detail without spending too much time and making it boring to follow. Appreciate the content

  2. Amazing summary Neal!
    Is there a way to allocate applications on the same instance to communicate the outside world through different Elastic Network Interfaces, therefore different IPs?


  3. Which of the following is an AWS-managed compute service?

    A. Amazon SWF
    B. Amazon EC2
    C. AWS Lambda
    D. Amazon Aurora

  4. @Neal, does "AWS Challenge Labs – Overview" covers materials present in "AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate" and "AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional"?

  5. How to add the pem file if we are using windows system. For mac it is ssh-add -K. For windows ?

  6. Thank you so much , this is real help!! . and I think for my next course. I definitely will learn with you. !

  7. Hi neal am unable to access a web server even after assigning port 80 to inbound security group as shown in video what could be the reason..?

  8. Great work @Neal, I have passed my developer, solutions architect, sys ops admin with your hands on digital cloud AWS training..
    Hoping to see devOps professional certification course form you pretty soon, thank you.

  9. I feel like I was doing rote learning for some concepts at acloudguru. Thanks, Neal for such a great explanation and putting so much effort into practical examples.

  10. I'm searching for past 2 Months in YouTube(Ec2 related).finally found awesome video.Thanks…….

  11. Neal’s method of training is so well thought out that if gives a person an easy way of understanding…because of Neal, I have started my AWS journey and my first certification is complete

  12. Neal, I like your style of training. If you have AWS Architect professional training as well?

  13. Thanks a lot Neal. I have done CP through your course, going to learn again from you the SSA. GB.

  14. This is awesome what a super way of doing things. So clear well explained fully covered. Thank you dear Neal

  15. Excellent. Superb content. I am already doing the Solutions Architect Associate course Neal and its a great course.

  16. Hi Neal,
    Thanks for sharing this. I was following your access into Linux machine but I did not get a WARNING: UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE on a Windows machine. Is it because it's a Windows machine or why did this happen?

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