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This Edureka video on “AWS Full Course” is a complete AWS Tutorial for beginners who want to learn AWS from scratch with examples and Hands-on. This AWS tutorial will help you learn various AWS services like AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS VPC, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudFront, AWS CloudWatch and more. After watching this video you have skills of an AWS Solution Architect and you will clear AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification in one go. Below is the timestamp of this AWS Tutorial for Beginners:

00:00 Agenda
02:06 Introduction to Cloud Computing
02:11 Why Cloud?
02:21 Before Cloud Computing
07:11 What is Cloud Computing?
07:51 Cloud Service Models
12:01 Cloud Deployment Model
13:36 Cloud Providers
16:56 Introduction to AWS
18:11 Use-Cases
19:31 Advantages of AWS
22:31 AWS Architecture
25:01 Domains of AWS
34:36 AWS Compute Services
35:13 What is an Instance?
38:46 What is EC2?
46:26 Types of Instances
45:31 Instance Pricing Models
54:16 Use Case
01:10:16 AWS Lambda
01:13:31 AWS Compute Domains
01:15:06 Why AWS Lambda?
01:16:46 AWS SDKs
01:17:41 Using AWS Lambda with Eclipse
01:18:51 Demo
01:41:20 AWS Elastic Beanstalk
1:42:00 What is AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
1:44:25 PaaS
1:47:35 Web Hosting Platforms
1:48:30 Features of Elastic Beanstalk
1:49:50 Fundamentals of Elastic Beanstalk
1:53:50 Architecture of Elastic Beanstalk
2:00:25 Demo: How to Deploy An Application Using Beanstalk
2:12:30 Storage Service
2:13:05 What is Cloud Storage?
2:29:50 Cloud Storage Practices
2:35:25 Cloud Storage Service Providers
3:09:50 S3 Tutorial For Beginners
3:13:40 Buckets & Objects
3:22:40 Versioning & Cross Region Replication
3:32:55 S3 Transfer Acceleration
3:40:26 Use Case: IMDB Media
3:43:41 Demo: AWS S3 Complete Walkthrough
3:44:51 Networking Services
3:48:16 AWS CloudFront
3:53:26 How AWS CloudFront Delivers Content?
3:56:11 Applications
3:58:21 Demo: AWS CloudFront Distribution
4:07:06 Monitoring & Management
4:07:11 AWS CloudWatch
4:07:46 Need For Cloud-Based Monitoring
4:11:21 What is Amazon CloudWatch?
4:13:31 Amazon CloudWatch
4:16:41 Amazon CloudWatch Demo
4:21:01 Amazon CloudWatch Event
4:24:46 Amazon CloudWatch Event Demo
4:32:56 Amazon CloudWatch Logs
4:36:46 AWS CloudFormation
4:40:11 Get started in AWS CloudFormation
4:56:21 Autoscaling & Load Balancer
4:57:36 Snapshots & AMIs
5:00:06 Why Auto Scaling?
5:03:46 Why Auto Scaling?
5:17:51 What is the Load Balancer?
5:19:01 Types of Load Balancers
5:22:06 Hands-On
5:34:51 Cloud Security
5:35:41 Why Cloud Security?
5:37:31 Public, Private or Hybrid?
5:40:56 How Secure Should you make your application?
5:42:56 How to Troubleshoot a Threat in the Cloud?
5:43:56 How did they come to know?
5:45:26 Cloud Security in AWS
5:59:29 AWS IAM
6:01:34 What is IAM?
6:26:59 Multi-Factor Authentication
6:33:29 Hands-On
6:46:04 Amazon Redshift
6:58:29 Demo – Setting Up A Warehouse
7:14:04 DevOps on AWS
7:14:14 AWS DevOps Services
7:19:54 What is Continuous Integration & Delivery?
7:23:44 What Is CodePipeline?
7:25:39 CodePipeline Architecture
7:28:49 Code Deploy, Code Build & Code Commit
7:30:59 Demo – Deploying An Application Using AWS CodePipeline
7:42:49 AWS Interview Question
7:46:44 EC2 Questions
8:17:29 Amazon Storage
8:27:34 AWS VPC
8:36:44 Amazon Database
9:00:29 Cloud Engineer Jobs, Salary, Skills, Responsibilities & Resume
9:01:04 Cloud Engineer Job & Salary Trends
9:11:14 Cloud Engineer Job Skills & Description
9:22:34 Cloud Engineer Resume
9:26:24 Cloud Master Course At Edureka

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