AWS re:Invent 2018: [REPEAT 1] Elastic Load Balancing: Deep Dive and Best Practices (NET404-R1)

Elastic Load Balancing (ALB & NLB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances for fault tolerance and load distribution. In this session, we go into detail on ELB configuration and day-to-day management. We also discuss its use with Auto Scaling, and we explain how to make decisions about the service and share best practices and useful tips for success. Finally, Netflix joins this session to share how it leveraged the authentication functionality on Application Load Balancer to help solve its workforce identity management at scale.


41 thoughts on “AWS re:Invent 2018: [REPEAT 1] Elastic Load Balancing: Deep Dive and Best Practices (NET404-R1)”
  1. There is no architecture visibility and no troubleshooting tools like ping, trace route and packet capture. Also ip overlapping does not work in vpc peering.

  2. This is what I needs. Thanks for explaing in the simplest way possible. Nice presentation slids too

  3. can some one answer why there is no single public IP or single private ip .. when you have ec2s are in different available zones… unlike Azure… this is a big big big limitation…

  4. Very nice presentation Pratibha and thank you aws for sharing such deep information in a very simple way.

  5. I was lucky enough to have attended this session in-person. The presenter, Pratibha (GM at AWS), was awesome. I got to ask here some questions after the session too about their intention to add UDP to the ALB. Wow, Pratibha left AWS and went to Google. Shocking.

  6. So in a way @15:10 you are saying that having 2 classic load balancers architecture for content based routing is great taking blast radius in consideration

  7. Pratibha , The way you explained the concept is pretty clear and even without any computer background person can understand , Thank you for presenting very nicely.

  8. First time I heard someone telling "es kee-u el" (SQL) and not "si kee-u el" (CQL) that I consider incorrect!

  9. You remind me my engineering teacher, whom i respect a lot.
    simplicity with knowledge at its height.

  10. This was an excellent presentation. You were like one of my professors back in the college. Thank you 🙂

  11. she has the knowledge on the technology and the skills to teach, I want to learn more with her. Super helpful

  12. good presentation but it was quite distressing to listen to this lady for almost an hour. It seemed to me that she has some respiratory issues. She went through the whole presentation fighting for a breath, as it were her last one…

  13. Hello, Nice presentation but at 3:37 says Layer 4 as Network but it should be Transport, might be a Typo.(hope am not wrong 🙂 )

  14. @AWS at minute 3:44, on the slide, it says "Layer 4 network" I believe you meant to type "layer 4 Transport", hopefully no one who created the OSI model is watching this video, otherwise they would probably kick your behind.

  15. Cringe when she introduced the guy from Netflix as from Facebook. Was a really good presentation though!

  16. This was one of the best presentation that I ever saw at re:Invent. Thank you Pratibha for sharing this bunch of information in a simple way that everybody could understand.

  17. Pratibha, this presentation has significantly improved my understanding of ALB/NLB's. Much appreciated.

  18. I just re-visited to get fresh view once again…. Pratibha Suryadevara garu, excellent take on the topic!

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