AWS RDS MySQL Database Setup | Step by Step Tutorial

In this tutorial video, I show you how to set up a RDS MySQL server that is accessible over the internet. I show you exactly which settings to tick during the setup phase. Afterwards, I show you how to connect to the database using MySQL Workbench and how perform some basic SQL queries.

00:21 Creating an AWS RDS Database
04:59 Connecting to the database in SQL Workbench
07:31 Writing some Test Queries

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📚 References:
Getting started with AWS:

MySql Workbench –
Part 2 – How to query RDS MySQL from Lambda –

☁Topics covered include:
– RDS MySQL Creation
– RDS MySQL Storage
– RDS MySQL Storage Autoscaling
– RDS MySQL Subnets
– SQL Workbench
– SQL Create, Describe, Insert, Select Queries

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35 thoughts on “AWS RDS MySQL Database Setup | Step by Step Tutorial”
  1. This video doesn't work anymore. AWS has changed. It no longer has the options described in the video. For examjple, you can't just pick "Anywhere"

  2. thanks bro, one day i wasted my time fixing this issue after see your video quicky fixed .thanks you very much bro

  3. Thank you very much, your video really helped me a lot, I was stopped but with your explanation and configurations I managed to get the database to allow external access

  4. February 2022 here. I had trouble connecting from my local machine's MySQL Workbench into AWS RDS. I edited the inbound rules just like how it was shown in this video, and I finally got the connection. Thanks for the help!

  5. Thank a lot, excellent guide, you actually answered the question, what if? all topics covered!

  6. This is fantastic! Really helped me to overcome the RDS connection problem. This video is so much more useful than the official articles on AWS

  7. I need to replace the standard MySQL data base within my WordPress website. The standard Myphpadmin addressable database is too small. I am using the WordPress form builder, Gravity Forms, to gather much much data to put into this limited container. This native Mysql database container fills up fast so I want to go directly into a AWS hosted MySQL data base that will never fill up.
    How do I go about this with this example you provided?
    It seems to be very close to what I need.
    You even provide the MySql end point as I recall.
    Thanks, Bob

  8. You forgot to tell me to setup an inbound rule for my own IP address, that i had to find out.

  9. Thanks for adding the step on how to troubleshoot the connection problem due to the security groups.

  10. Very helpful and understandable! Thank you, Sir!
    Can you please make another video on how to connect to RDS through EC2?

  11. I appreciate you showing how to deal with unhappy paths. Unfortunately people do not do that when making tutorials.

  12. I've been trying to resolve my connection issue for some time, your all traffic trick did it, although i had all traffic rule, i had incorrect source. THANK YOU!!!

  13. still i am unable to connect the sever after clicking on test connection it is showing failed to connect to the local host

  14. It took me 5 hours to realize why I couldn't connect. It was the security group thing you covered in the video. Thanks!!! Big thumbs up!

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