AWS Lambda with Docker Container Python + ECR Tutorial (Serverless Function)



13 thoughts on “AWS Lambda with Docker Container Python + ECR Tutorial (Serverless Function)”
  1. What if you create a customer package with a I created a preprocessing pipeline. But now I want to import and use it in my handler function. Is that possible?

  2. hey soumil! when im trying to create lambda function on aws, im unable to see my ecr repository that was succefully created, i did give public visibility to the repository but still unable to find it when using lambda? please let m know if this is anything to do with IAM roles?then what might be the solution for it?

  3. What a stupid video. You have deployed docker container on a Lambda function and you keep saying running Lambda on the Docker container.

  4. Such a lovely ❤️ and great explaination yaar 👍
    I saw your previous video of deployment elastic search in AWS it is pretty amazing i didn't find such explaination in entire youtube
    Would please 🙏 make a video to how to integrate elastic search to web Application
    It would be helpful for my project

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