AWS Lambda Tutorial

Find out how AWS Lambda works and how to create functions on the AWS console!
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I’m Stephane Maarek, a consultant and software developer, and I have a particular interest in everything related to Big Data, Cloud and API. I sat on the 2019 Program Committee organizing the Kafka Summit. I’m also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Engineer.

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39 thoughts on “AWS Lambda Tutorial”
  1. how to use it for formal development? I mean with git for version control and code base management

  2. you have Excellent knowledge all things and I really like your videos the way you explain is it very easy to understans.

  3. Very good useful video. Nice Explanation, Thanks.

    Please share any reference on How to create/manage AWS cloud watch widgets(metrics),alarms via lambda functions (via lambda programming)..??, Thanks in Advance

  4. I get 'Network Error' whenever I create a function either it is from Scratch or from the blueprint. What could be the issue? I tried adding VPC as well from Advance settings. Any idea to troubleshoot is further?

  5. Hey Stephane.
    Wohao… I have searched for videos about this topic, I have seen quite some few and let me tell you that your video is by far on of the best that I have seen. Clear, to the point, very well explained, bravo !!
    I'm gonna try that "Lambda" thing today !!! 😀
    And yes, I am subscribing to your channel 👍

  6. why would someone dislike this? i mean seriously maybe talking fast but the info is amazing

  7. Nothing more representative of AWS's web UI than "I don't know how to navigate to the start page so just tweak the URL to get there"

  8. Very good tutorial, the information is totaly useful. But I have one question tho: Could you please talk a little slower?

  9. ** If you're not seeing the 'save' button anymore, it's been replaced by 'deploy'. Same thing.

  10. Subscribed! I want to KISS you, this video was perfect, especially "I haven't found a way to get there using click options so just enter begin after the pound" that was hilarious, a secret option

  11. IMPORTANT! The "Save" button that Stephane clicks at 07:07 does not exist for me. I have a "Deploy" button further down the page that seems to do the same thing. I guess they changed the design.

  12. I liked the way you teach. Is there any tutorial in Udemy to buy to learn AWS Java api development. ?

  13. Can we use lambda function to invoke custom cloud formation template??? Please can you upload a video on that concept

  14. Hi Stephane , I need some advise in one of my use case. I have a website which is based on html, css, javascript. Also there is one form and when user fill the form and submit then the details are recorded on DB. Hence i need to deploy the website using serverless method. As per my understanding i could use s3 to host the static part of the website and could use the lambda function with Api integration for the Dynamic functionality. But how to use s3 with lambda and api gateway. Please guide. Or if you could suggest any better approach ?

  15. Hello, I am new at this and I'm learning this for the first time. I followed the steps to create a lambda function but the problem that I'm having is that the cloudwatch box is not displaying on the designer box of my lambda function. Can someone help me resolve this?

  16. Kept hearing of this AWS Lamba. Read about what it can do etc, but could not find what it really is. Came here and found out with a great explanation. Great teaching Stehpane, thankyou.

  17. you're really awesome. I have learnt Apache Kafka from your linkedin tutorials. Thank you. Please keep making videos for us.

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