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This AWS Lambda Tutorial will help you understand what is AWS Lambda, why do we use AWS Lambda, how does AWS Lambda work, AWS Lambda concepts such as requests, containers and backups along with a demo on Backing up data on AWS S3 using AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services. It is a computing service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources required by that code. Now, let us, deep dive, into this tutorial and understand what AWS Lambda actually is.

Below topics are explained in this AWS Lambda Tutorial:
1. Features of AWS Lambda (02:31)
2. What is AWS Lambda? (03:55)
3. Where is AWS Lambda used? (04:52)
4. Use Case – Backing up data in S3 using AWS Lambda (09:02)

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37 thoughts on “AWS Lambda Tutorial For Beginners | What is AWS Lambda? | AWS Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn”
  1. Great video and thanks for explaining with some use cases. I feel you could have covered a bit about debugging – where to find logs, etc

  2. I use lambda to process user input and convert to SQL query for getting from database, instead of having a dedicated server for handling all these DB transactions, saved us lots of money

  3. Hi sir, I have one doubt:

    Suppose I have one IOT device waiting to receive message over MQTT
    (subscribed to the topic as well). Can I send MQTT message from Lambda
    to that Iot device?

    Is it possible to send from AWS Lambda?

  4. Hey, thanks for the nice tutorial. If you would have included how to trigger events in S3 using event notifications, that would have made it easy to follow along. Please keep posting such knowledgeable tutorials. 😇

  5. This was supposed to be for Beginners, but all the roles and events have been already created? Doesn't make any sense with the video and the title.

  6. Great presentation. Small update, Lambda is billed using using 1 ms granularity, as of Dec 2020, instead of 100 ms

  7. Jessica just lost her job … your services are no longer required bcoz we have lambda now

  8. Useful. I like this channel. I have been learning many things very easily from this platform. Thanks for putting all these tutorials out.

  9. The title should have mentioned that the Lambda function that you are going to use would be in Node, instead of Python.

  10. Hi, I followed everything you did but so far I couldn't copy at all. how do you debug from the AWS console?

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