AWS Lambda/Serverless Basics | Tutorial to Create Your First Lambda Function | AWS for Beginners

One of the most popular services on AWS is Lambda, which lets you run code in response to some event, without having to worry about the underlying servers.

In this video, I’ll provide a short overview of Lambda, its benefits, and why you would use it. Then in a hands-on tutorial, I’ll walk through how to create a Lambda function (in Python 3.9) that’s triggered by a file upload to an S3 bucket. Finally, I’ll show you how to delete the S3 bucket and the Lambda function.

If you want to follow along, you can find the Python code here for the Lambda function:

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00:00 – Overviewing an AWS Lambda scenario
00:37 – What is serverless computing?
02:04 – Benefits of using AWS Lambda
02:48 – Introducing the AWS Lambda tutorial
03:07 – Overviewing AWS Lamba pricing and the Free Tier
03:32 – Creating an S3 bucket in the AWS Management Console
04:21 – Creating an AWS Lambda function in the AWS Management Console
06:13 – Updating and deploying code in an AWS Lambda function
07:29 – Creating a trigger for an AWS Lambda function
08:41 – Understanding events and permissions on a Lambda trigger
09:45 – Uploading to S3 to trigger a Lambda function
10:14 – Monitoring a Lambda function with CloudWatch Metrics and Logs
11:41 – Deleting an S3 bucket and a Lambda function

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  1. Nice. Please speak a little slower. The content is great, and you do explain things very well. It's just a little herd to follow as I need to listen while my eyes are moving across the screen.

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