AWS Elastic Load Balancing Introduction

Learn about Load Balancers, the servers that redirect traffic between Instances and Users!
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I’m Stephane Maarek, a consultant and software developer, and I have a particular interest in everything related to Big Data, Cloud and API. I sat on the 2019 Program Committee organizing the Kafka Summit. I’m also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Engineer.

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18 thoughts on “AWS Elastic Load Balancing Introduction”
  1. Thanks. i have one doubt what is downstream instances? Thanks in advance.

  2. when i register multiple AZs to the load balancer ,
    in which AZ does the load balancer is created ??

  3. I bought this course on Udemy.
    Completed it. Very happy learning for me.
    Whenever I want to jog my memory, I just open any videos from any section and hurry! just to the point.
    Thanks for making it so simple.

    Want to access your AWS IoT courses.

  4. Hello what load balancer do I use with UDP connection for example online multiplayer game hosted on AWS ?

  5. Fantastic video where information was bite-sized and focused, but I wished you could've spoken/taught a bit slower 🙂 I'm a novice to this area, and it felt a bit overwhelming at times due to the speed of the lecture. Overall though, thank you very much for a wonderful and helpful video!

  6. I bought your aws course and I'm happy with your course and… Im now in ELB section…. I have one big doubt is… Where I have to do these tasks… In root account or iam account or user account created by iam??? @stephane Maarek

  7. After going through the AWS's own videos online, this was just a breath of fresh air. Straight to the point and easy to follow. After 5 mins of the video I just went and bought the full course on Udemy. currently halfway through and loving it. Thank you so much Stephane

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