AWS Elastic Load Balancing Explained


Part 2

What is Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)?

Elastic Load Balancing is commonly referred to as an ELB is a service from Amazon Web Services that automatically routes inbound traffic across multiple targets per your configuration.

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These targets could be a set of EC2 instances, AWS Lambda functions, a range of IP addresses, or even containers.

The targets defined within the ELB could be inside different availability zones (AZs) or within a single Available Zone.

The traffic is distributed based on the target’s health so that all incoming traffic is directed to a healthy instance. if one EC2 instance fails (unhealthy), Elastic Load Balancing automatically routes incoming traffic to the remaining running healthy EC2 instances. If the instance is restored (healthy), Elastic Load Balancing restores incoming traffic to that instance.

There are 4 different types of AWS Elastic Load Balancers:
1. Application Load Balancer – Allows you to route traffic to different ports on the same EC2 Instance. For example, redirect traffic from http to https.
2. Network Load balancer – Used for extreme performance and low latency applications. Allows you to route traffic to targets within your VPC. It Used to load balance network and transport protocols (layer 4 TCP, UDP)
3. Gateway Load Balancer – Allows you to easily deploy, scale and manage virtual appliances such as firewalls, intrusion detection and other systems.
4. Classic Load Balancer – used if your application is built within the EC2 Classic Network.

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0:00 Introduction
0:09 Why use load balancing? Example.
2:03 What is Elastic Load Balancing?
4:37 How ELB Works? Listeners.
5:58 Elastic Load Balancing Scheme: Internet-facing vs Internal.
7:02 Bonus: EC2 Autoscaling


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