AWS DevOps Tutorial | Full Course | CI CD on AWS | AWS CodePipeline | AWS CodeBuild | AWS CodeDeploy

Complete AWS DevOps Tutorial for Beginners

AWS DevOps Tutorial | Full Course | CI CD on AWS | AWS CodePipeline | AWS CodeBuild | AWS CodeDeploy


Contents Timeline:

00:00 – CI CD on AWS
11:20 – Project – Deployment for S3 Website Hosting
38:20 – CodeBuild Tutorial
55:38 – Project – Pipeline creation for Lambda function Deployment
1:31:02 – BuildSpec.yml file explained
1:42:44 – CodeDeploy Tutorial
1:46:02 – Project – NodeJs Application Deployment over EC2 using CodeDeploy
2:04:39 – AppSpec.yml file explained
2:23:56 – Blue-Green Deployment Tutorial
2:29:30 – Project – Blue-Green Deployment for Highly Available application uses Application load balancer/ Auto-scaling Group/ EC2 Instances using CodeDeploy

Topic Wise Playlist:

GitHub Links:

1. AWS CodeBuild – Lambda Function Deployment :
2. S3 Hosting/ Deployment on S3 bucket:
3. NodeJs App Deployment on EC2 using CodeDeploy:
4. Blue-Green Deployment:


31 thoughts on “AWS DevOps Tutorial | Full Course | CI CD on AWS | AWS CodePipeline | AWS CodeBuild | AWS CodeDeploy”
  1. Thanks dear…Jabardast…could you please guide me how to perform CICD in aws multiple accounts…

  2. My Deploy Phase always… getting failed , also not able to see logs for codedepoly only codebuild logs visible

  3. One Doubt !
    in 1:33:55 AWS resource ( Linux m/c used for build ) doesn't require AWS authorisation i.e AWS cli should be installed and login successfully ?

  4. When a new VM is created using auto scaling how does it gets that new application version ??

  5. Hey hi bro in code deploy demo i have created a three instances with user data. in deployment group I have also correctly tagged but i got this error at deploy stage — The deployment failed because no instances were found for your deployment group. Check your deployment group settings to make sure the tags for your Amazon EC2 instances or Auto Scaling groups correctly identify the instances you want to deploy to, and then try again.

  6. Hi Bro
    my s3 static website hosting failed at deploy stage can you tell what is the cause behind this ?

  7. Bro what should I study for aws so that get basis knowledge of important aws service, I have company exam tomorrow, I am intern?

  8. sir YAML file is validated .but CodeBuild is giving an error: exit status 127 . please help .unable to find the solution on google

  9. @The Cloud World
    One of the Best video and nice explanation with real time experience for the AWS DevOps .
    Pre-requisite: good knowledge and experience on normal DevOps Technologies before to move to AWS CI-CD.

  10. I am getting an error in build phase of pipeline which says "Error calling startBuild: Cannot have more than 0 builds in queue for the account"
    can anyone please help me. Thank you.

  11. Sir agar me nodejs application deploy karta hu in auto scaling group me ….by code deploy service ..aur autoscalling group new instance launch karta hai … cpu load aane pe …to wo new instance pe code aayega ….ya muje lc replace karna padega every time I mean deployment ke baad….. please answer

  12. Premium quality video in free …. Really appreciate your work 👏

    We want more videos about DevOps

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