AWS CloudFormation vs Terraform

Terraform Playlist(6 videos):

** Update: A lot of changes have come to both Terraform and Cloudformation since this video was released. Terraform 0.12 is a big improvement over older versions and adds exciting features **

Infrastructure-as-code enables you to provision, maintain and define your cloud infrastructure using code.  In this video, we discuss AWS’ Cloudformation and open-source tool Hashicorp’s Terraform and discuss the strengths and limitations of both tools.


Full EC2 Course available on youtube for free:


## Intro to Terraform Playlist:

## Intro to cloudformation Playlist:

Infrastructure as code Whitepaper

Terraform Github Repo

19:41 How to manage Terraform Remote State:


24 thoughts on “AWS CloudFormation vs Terraform”
  1. JSON is a semantic and syntactic subset of YAML … so … Terraform thus also supports YAML – if you want.
    Although … the whole point of HCL is that it makes it even simpler than YAML

  2. Terraform also lags behind AWS for new services. It takes time to update the provider in order to make use of the new AWS services. Just as it lags with CloudFormation.

  3. Thank you for this nice and helpful overview.

    Regarding your description: Does the Terraform-update to V0.12 change something in the comparison? From what I can tell, it only concerns other topics that weren't part of the comparison, doesn't it?

  4. The content is actually pretty good, but the title is misleading: This will not prepare you for an interview above "intern" level.

  5. just started watching your videos to learn Terraform. Good presentation in acceptable lengths.

  6. Excellent video to understand the difference between CFT and Terraform. As Terraform is cloud-agnostic, it is in higher demand and As I recently gave Terraform certification, I must say it is a great tool, and whoever is watching this video, you must go for Terraform Certification (Offcourse only if you have time 🙂 ) Here is an excellent course by #QuizExperts that helped me pass the exam and increased my understanding of it.

  7. thanks for such a nice video, I really enjoyed. your way of explain is the best. Great Explanation. Please keep posting …thanks again

  8. Hi, I followed the vedio and successfully got the result. Can please upload more vedios regarding Terraform

  9. Hello CloudYeti nice explanation about the difference between the two. Do u have any videos on live projects where we can use both simultaneously, like you said one to provision infrastructure (cloudformation) and other to monitor (terraform). would be really helpful if you can create a video on the same. Thanks

  10. Thank you for putting together this video. It's simple and easy to understand. Can you do another one comparing Terraform and Ansible?

  11. As you told we can use terraform and cloudformation simultaneously can you provide a use case

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