AWS CloudFormation StackSets Tutorial

Learn AWS CloudFormation StackSets to deploy stacks across multiple accounts and regions with a single operation!
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I’m Stephane Maarek, a consultant and software developer, and I have a particular interest in everything related to Big Data, Cloud and API. I sat on the 2019 Program Committee organizing the Kafka Summit. I’m also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Engineer.

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10 thoughts on “AWS CloudFormation StackSets Tutorial”
  1. Hi Stephane,
    I purchased your Udemy course of Cloudformation.
    But I am unable to find Stackset tutorials updated in courses tutorials.
    Could you please share and update in your Udemy course

  2. Thank you, but your representation speed is too high. You need to slow down and alsocalm down. I just lost interest due to your rush rush rush style.

  3. Hi Stephane.

    I'm at a point where I am getting a bit desperate. In my current job as a dba I am responsible for experimenting with AWS RDS.

    I have created a MSSQL instance with cloudformation.

    Normally I install a few objects, logins and databases when I have a new sqlserver instance on premise.

    I am looking for ways to automate this in AWS. I just can't seem to find anything about this on aws, the internet or even a solutions architect course.

    I tried using Lambda, but with no success in logging in to the aws rds sqlserver.

    Could you please advise me what steps I need to take next to evolve my skills and knowledge?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi stephane ,
    i took ur sysops course on udemy ,unfortunately i failed with 69% but im happy.i took it.i asked the questions which im not sure of below the course [title "Failed with 69%"],can u please reply ASAP because im writing again in couple of days.
    Love ur course thanks…

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