AWS CloudFormation Fundamentals: Transforms


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So here we are with our second to last piece of our template: Transforms. Like Mapping, we won’t be using transforms in our example template but it’s not because we’re lazy. It’s because they’re used for something totally different than what we’ve been working on.

According to the AWS-speak, transforms are a set of “macros” to “process” your template. In plain English, this means that transforms are a set of functions you want to do stuff to your template before launching it. In this video we’ll discuss the steps for using transforms in a template, how to use it for both your entire template or just one section of it, and the two primary things that transforms are used for. Below I’ve included a link to the Transform documentation that we look at during this video. In the next part, we’ll be diving into something we will be using: Outputs!

1. Transform documentation –


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