AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022 FULL COURSE for Beginners (2019 Course Updated)

🔥 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022 FULL COURSE for Beginners
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications. So become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in 2022 and get this FULL COURSE now as this is for beginners. The exam can be taken at a testing center or from the comfort and convenience of a home or office location as an online proctored exam.
Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a recommended, optional step toward achieving an Associate-level or Specialty certification.

✨✨✨Note: ** This is an updated course** It includes several new lectures ✨✨✨

00:00 Course Introduction and meet instructor
02:57 Course agenda
07:18 What is cloud computing?
18:00 AWS Management Console (Updated/Latest)
23:00 Create AWS Free Tier account
28:06 AWS Computing
37:32 How to launch an EC2 Instance?
48:47 AWS IAM User creation
1:01:24 AWS Storage
1:10:33 Creating an AWS S3 Bucket
1:21:31 AWS EBS Storage
1:29:32 How to create an EBS Volume?
1:34:34 How to Create an EFS Storage?
1:37:50 AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)
1:45:22 Creating AWS MySQL Database
1:54:26 AWS Aurora fundamentals
1:58:10 AWS Aurora DB
2:09:24 AWS Migration
2:20:06 AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
2:26:13 How to create AWS VPC?
2:35:15 Working with AWS Cloud front Distribution
2:41:22 AWS Route 53
2:48:19 AWS Route 53 Demo
2:55:50 AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
2:59:26 AWS ELB Demo Hands-on
3:06:06 AWS Management Tools
3:16:09 AWS Management Tools Hands-on Demo
3:26:00 AWS Messaging Tools
3:30:41 AWS Cloud front
3:36:55 AWS Well Architected Framework

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33 thoughts on “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022 FULL COURSE for Beginners (2019 Course Updated)”
  1. 29:08
    You skipped Batch, the EFS (1:37:40), & the Migration demo (2:20:00).

    So AWS wants the bucket naming to be "globally" unique per DNS restrictions. However, there are limitations in the naming of a bucket such as you can't use capital letters and it must be no more than 63 characters? Isn't that counterproductive? It's like Windows🪟 in their file naming schemes of yore or IPv4 with their IP address limitations.

  2. Hello, do you have the slides of this video please, too small for me to read, my vision is not what it used to be 🙂

  3. I passed my exam .Thank you. More than certificate , knowledge acquired during 10 days of preparation is very useful . When you study dont just study for exam study in detail about the concept.

  4. Can you provide the pdf files of each lecture as well? It saves a lot of time when taking notes. Thanks

  5. I can't access the billing dashboard by my IAM user but can access the same if I login as root user. Why is it so?

  6. Is this course still valid for 2022? Will I have to take another course for any updated services?

  7. Am working in testing can i learn aws ? Which one will be suit for me?
    How to apply and learn thing?

  8. Hello, do you have the slides of this video please, too small for me to read, my vision is not what it used to be 🙂

  9. This professor is amazing , I the best course of aws so far , God bless you sir.

  10. 29:12 It says that ECS is the Auto-scaling service. ECS is the Elastic Container Service, an AWS managed platform to develop and run containerized applications.

  11. Skimmed through the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner study guide, watched this video about 3 times, another one about 2 times, 3 weeks of light study and I passed the exam this morning. Thank you! Hardest part was satisfying the proctor who would did not like any of my home testing locations, luckily I was disconnected to this proctor and another one was much more lenient. Good Luck All!

  12. This is a really awesome tutorial and crystal clear explanation really appreciate that…now am preparing for the CCP exam is this content still valid and up to date ??? kindly clarify me pls

  13. did you mention aws batch .. i just did a mock exam and didnt see it mentioned in the course tutorial … did i miss it@?

  14. Thanks for this great content though this does not cover Billing. I believe we need that as you mentioned covers about 12% of exam questions. Am I right?

  15. Hi am a mobile application developer. I am having 5+years of experience. Now want to take some AWS certification. So this video will be helpful for me? Or is there anything which i want to learn first? Please suggest me. I want to be aws practioner certified, aws architect certified and aws developer certified.

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