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Which AWS certification is the easiest? Which should I get for what jobs and where do I start? In our AWS Certification Guide, we’ll help you understand the AWS certification ecosystem and fill you in on all those things that AWS doesn’t tell you. Mattias Andersson goes through a cert-by-cert breakdown, and lays out pathways to follow into the most common cloud roles of DevOps, Security, Big Data and Machine Learning, Cloud Architect, and Cloud Developer. Let us help you figure out those crucial first steps in your AWS journey!

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Certification Guide PDF

Introduction (0:00)
Why learn about AWS certs (1:24)
Video outline (2:54)
AWS certification overview (3:41)
Cert-by-cert breakdown (6:10)
– AWS Cloud Practitioner (8:03)
– AWS Solutions Architect Associate (9:22)
– AWS Developer Associate (11:52)
– AWS SysOps Administrator Associate (13:40)
– AWS DevOps Professional (16:28)
– Solutions Architect Professional (17:53)
– AWS Advanced Networking Specialty (20:11)
– AWS Security Specialty (21:37)
– AWS Database Specialty (23:30)
– AWS Data Analytics Specialty (24:40)
– AWS Machine Learning Specialty (26:05)
Roadmap (29:22)
Role-based learning paths (35:09)
The AWS DevOps pathway (37:15)
The AWS Security pathway (37:47)
The AWS Data/Machine Learning pathway (38:12)
The AWS Cloud Architect pathway (39:26)
The AWS Cloud Developer pathway (40:20)
Next steps (43:09)

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Links to all the official AWS Cert information
– AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:
– AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate:
– AWS Certified Developer Associate:
– AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate:
– AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional:
– AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional:
– AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty:
– AWS Certified Security Specialty:
– AWS Certified Database Specialty:
– AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty:
– AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty:

T-Shaped Skills

Data Flow thinking approach

Cloud Practitioner certification course

Solutions Architect Associate certification course

A Cloud Guru Learning Paths
– AWS Security:
– AWS DevOps:
– AWS Developer:
– AWS Data:
– AWS Architect:

Learning Effectively

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45 thoughts on “AWS Certification Guide”
  1. Is it really necessary to have coding expertise to utilise the any AWS certification?

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the video! What’s the difference taking cloud computing / database classes at a local CC vs going through a cloud guru pathway?

  3. As someone with a ccna vmware Linux and python automation background in networking , which you say the solutions architect and sysops them architect pro and advanced networking will be a worth while path?loved the video man!

  4. Thanks for your time and all info that you gave about all roles/ cert in Cloud.
    I’m from France without IT degree (I have a accounting degree) and I would like to work in Cloud filed as an Solution Architect in Australia, where I live.
    I just would like to thank you for your clarity which was very important to me!

  5. where do i get the training from as i am new and have been contacting a few colleges they have different fees, one said @1500 another 6K don't understand the format and it's all online. does online and face-to-face class certificates different ?

  6. hi, there would you please explain if this course is for someone completely new. I don't have much knowledge about IT but would like to do this as a new carrier.
    Please share your knowledge many thanks Badri

  7. Hello sir I done degree in BA ( Bachelor of Art ) 2009 Then MA Economics 2017 completed I have a 3 yrs experience in SEO job profile but interested in AWS cloud certificate course please guide me sir

  8. Tons of thanks for this video. I was planning to start cloud journey since long but was not having right path guidance. Luckily I came across this video and Its a blessing for me. I got clear understanding of where to start and how to progress further. Great Job!!! keep up the good work.

  9. This is an awesome video, I love it, this has shed some light of understanding in the path of AWS Certification that I like to pursue

  10. Hello, this is a great video thanks a lot. Following this path without degree it is possible to get a job? Thank you.

  11. 5:386:10
    I couldn't have said this better, especially to those that are told to jump right into taking the CCNA because it's labeled as "entry level", etc. One would ask them, "Are you really ready for this certification or are you going by what you hear instead of what you should research?" The same could be said of "Network+."

    Point in case: there are other, more fundamentally sound, certs one could take before jumping right in, for example, to networking. I think that's a best choice for many in training before climbing that mountain🧗‍♀⛰🧗🏽‍♂, particularly, AWS Certified Advanced Networking.

    This is my objective. That's what I struggle to tell IT professionals. Instead they'll say just focus on '👉🏽this' or 'that👈🏽' one, albeit, regardless of them (not) knowing what specific path one is seeking to take.

    My point exactly❗💯

    "…it's really a DevOps world out there."
    Or is it really a DevSecOps world out there "regardless of particular organizations or titles?"🤔💡

  12. Great thanks about this video, I'm now ready to start my journey of tousand of miles, your video is the first step

  13. Hi thxs for this video. I am currently working as senior automation test engineer so which certificate would be suitable for me. can u pls guide in this regard

  14. This is an instrumental video to help decide a certification path. Thank you so much. But when it comes to job, most job roles expect years of experience, irrespective of great knowledge on all the cloud concepts and certifications, how do we tackle this? Would love to see your advice on this…

  15. In the AWS superhero path, if add the Docker (DCA) & Kubernetes (CKA) along the way would be more perfect?

  16. My main goal is to get the advanced network cert, I am a cloud practitioner so which certification would be the best for me to follow?

  17. Hard to believe that now I have to do everything… plan, develop the software, monitoring and maintenance…. all for the same salary… but we have to adapt to the times and survive…

  18. Thank you so much for the video sir …iam basically a business development associate (marketing) .but iam holding computer science degree ….my question is getting an cloud practitioner and solution architect certs will get a entry lvl job in field of cloud ? …

  19. I have completed az 900 n dp 900, should i have to complete aws cloud practitioner or shall i jump into solutions architect?

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