AWS Boto3 Python Crash Course with AWS S3 | Getting Started with Boto3 and AWS S3


In this lesson, I will show you how to create S3 bucket, put items in the bucket, how to upload multiple objects in s3, how to download multiple objects, how to control access policy, and how to host a static website in S3. All of this you can learn in only one lesson.

βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œ AWS Boto3 Python Tutorial Playlist
AWS Boto 3 Python Tutorial | AWS Boto3 for Beginners:

πŸ”Š Watch till last for a detailed description
05:26 How to create a bucket in s3
09:29 list all buckets in s3
12:43 Upload files in s3
19:47 How to bulk upload in boto3 and s3
26:04 Download files
34:42 Control bucket policy
44:49 Host static website in s3

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    • blank
      Jessica Calkins
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      if you are on linux and you are having trouble with finding the config file, you must create a .aws folder in your home directory, in the folder you will create a config file and it should like exactly how it looks in the video. in the same folder you will also want to create a credentials file that is layed out like so
      aws_access_key_id = 'your access key'
      aws_secret_access_key = 'your secret access key'
      save both files restart your kernal in jupyter and you should be good to go

    • blank
      Anthony Jackson
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      At the 8 minute mark you staring referring to things that you never expalined at all. How did you get a config file?

    • blank
      Jason D
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Thank you for the tutorial. This is very helpful!!

    • blank
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      All about S3 Bucket;
      Subscribe for more such videos.


    • blank
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      For the love of god, please don't put whitespaces in your folder names!! Don't do it!! Think about your family!!

    • blank
      Sanjeev Kumar
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Broo.. you solved my error.. and learnt new things from your video. I have subscribed you bro.. thank you ☺️☺️

    • blank
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      My dude, ur accent is terrible omfg, thanks for the useful video though

    • blank
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Excellent tutorial. couldnt resist clicking subscribe button. keep posting such great content

    • blank
      manish kumar
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      one tutorial and boom you know it all !!

    • blank
      Romelo Gilbert
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Lol this package is funny. Shout out my Hawaiians 🀭🀭🀭

    • blank
      Lerena λ¦¬λ¦¬λ‚˜ Holloway
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      How do you get around NoCredentialsErrors though?

    • blank
      Ananya Gupta
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Sir how can we upload to redshift from s3 using boto 3 plzz tell

    • blank
      Rajesh Reddy Andra
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      may i know the github link for this code and all

    • blank
      Vishal Patankar
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Many more thanks . its really helps me a lot . How I get in touch with you .
      Can you make a video on how boto3 works with GCP I need that much and i will pay for that.

    • blank
      Ari G
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      I am trying your code but its failing with error:

      import boto3
      abc = boto3.resource('s3')

      response = abc.list_buckets()

      Error is:
      's3.ServiceResource' object has no attribute 'list_buckets'

      I am using VS Code for testing where I other Lambda functions I have written are working fine. I have tested your code in the AWS Lambda console as well where it is failing but does not give the same error as in VS Code. Any suggestions?

    • blank
      Skye Q
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      This is great, thank you for making this tutorial.

    • blank
      wendy stace
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Thank you so much, this was very helpful!!πŸ€—

    • blank
      Saji Ijiyemi
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Thanks for this tutorial. At "19:47 How to bulk upload in boto3 and s3" My bulk files successfully uploaded to s3 but I am getting "HTTP ERROR 400" when I try to open the file in S3. What am I possibly doing wrong? Thank you.

    • blank
      Kumar Mantripragada
      May 05, 2022 06:28 am Reply

      Thanks for posting this video. Really helped me with Boto3 and Jupyter

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