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AWS AutoScaling | AWS Elastic Load Balancing | Types | K21academy


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➤ AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as EC2 instances, containers (ECS), Lambda functions, and IP addresses in multiple Availability Zones(AZs). Distributes Client traffic across servers. Improves the performance of applications.

➤ Types of Load Balancers
In AWS we have 3 types of Load Balancer
Classic Load Balancer
Application Load Balancer
Network Load Balancer

AWS Auto Scaling continuously monitors your applications and adjusts capacity as required to ensure consistent, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. You can set upscaling for multiple resources across multiple services in minutes with AWS Auto Scaling.

➤ Auto Scaling Components

1. Groups
They are the logical groups which contain the collection of EC2 instances which are having similar characteristics for scaling and management purpose. When you create a group, we can specify its minimum, maximum, and, desired number of EC2 instances.

2. Launch Configuration
It is a template used by the auto-scaling group to launch EC2 instances. We can specify information such as the AMI ID, instance type, key pair, and security groups for your instances while creating the launch configuration.

3. Scaling Plan
The scaling plan informs Auto Scaling how and when to scale. Amazon EC2 auto-scaling provides the following ways for you to scale the auto-scaling group

Where we explain:
00:00 = Indroduction
00:28 = Agenda
01:29 = Load Balancer
08:03 = Load Balancer types
22:39 = Components of Application Load Balancer
28:07 = Application Vs Gateway vs Classic vs Network
30:36 = Load Balancer Troubleshoot
01:00:03 = AWS Autoscaling
01:06:02 = AWS Autoscaling components
01:11:38 = Life cycle of Autoscaling
01:53:01 = Auto Scaling Policy
02:21:15 = Learning Path for AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate(SAA-C02)
02:22:13 = FREE Class
02:22:30 = Registration Link for FREE Class

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