Aws Automation Using Boto3 Python|How To Create Aws S3 Bucket Using Boto3 Python|Part:1

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in this tutorial we talk about the below :

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11 thoughts on “Aws Automation Using Boto3 Python|How To Create Aws S3 Bucket Using Boto3 Python|Part:1”
  1. import boto3
    aws_resource = boto3.resource("s3")
    bucket = aws_resource.Bucket("New_bucketpython ")

    response = bucket.create(
    ACL ='public-read',
    'LocationConstraint': 'eu-central-1'

    error: botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (InvalidBucketName) when calling the CreateBucket operation: The specified bucket is not valid.
    Please help me out with this error

  2. I have one question , How your Visual Studio Code making changes directly to AWS, Where is that connectivity or API kind of stuff that i missed. Please help

  3. Nice video. I have one question. I don't want to download the content from S3, and I want to know the content details like no. Of .txt, no. Of. py within that bucket.
    I am using aws s3 ls bucket_name/ – – recursive – – human-readable – – summarize
    It shows the total size and objects no. But can't find the file counts with respect to their extensions.

  4. why AWS CLI is installed here when Python file with Boto3 SDK is enough to do this task????

  5. The reason why it was failing was that you were not providing the correct name of the file in the terminal. name was tutoria1 and not tutorial1

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