Awesome Python Automation Ideas


    In this Tutorial I share quick Python Automation Ideas that you can use everyday to simplify your life.

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    Cronjob Tutorial:

    00:00 – Introduction
    00:19 – Send Emails
    01:10 – Job Board Scraper
    03:21 – Price Tracker
    06:15 – Background Image
    08:00 – Tweet Scheduler

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    1. Thanks for this! I am just starting to learn some coding with the hopes of automating some tedious tasks and this gave me a really great breakdown of what is possible and gives me a much better idea of what I would actually have to do. Great video.

    2. The auto email is not working for me although I did as shown in the video. I was told that one should avoid using gmail, because it is a highly secured server and it is quite complex to make it work. In fact, most if not all examples on the Internet demonstrating how to send an email with a Gmail server do not work

    3. Hi newbie here. I'm trying to use pyautogui to automate saving excelfile. apologies if im not using proper programming vocabulary. So here it is. I declared tday as date today & tdelta to 1. then i created a tdate=tday-tdelta which just minus 1 day from today. Then i declared FILE_NAME as the path with the filename itself with the date. so if today is April 7, 2021 the filename should look like DATA_2021-04-06.csv. The problem is when i try saving it. and executing the pyautogui.typewrite(FILE_NAME). it just types in everything in text. This is the filename created "DATA_ + tdate +.csv . It looks as if tdate isn't seen as a variable. Rather it is seen as a text. I placed + + in between the variable tdate. but still its being saved as a text. Do you have any idea on this or a workaround or do i have wrong script. any sugestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you





      pyautogui.hotkey('Ctrl', 's')

      pyautogui.hotkey('enter')'right')'down', presses=5)

      pyautogui.hotkey('enter'), 503)

      FILE_NAME = 'C:UsersDesktopNew folder(3)DATA_' + tdate + '.csv'