Autoscaling with virtual node and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Virtual node is now a public preview feature with Azure Kubernetes Service. With virtual node you can burst into Azure Container Instances where you have no VM management. This enables you to scale your Kubernetes clusters even faster when you combine concepts like the horizontal pod autoscaler. The technology behind this is virtual kubelet which is an open source project supported by multiple cloud providers.

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2 thoughts on “Autoscaling with virtual node and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)”
  1. Hi guys, just one question for everyone. Let's say we are using Autoscale.

    After an aks cluster automatically increases the number of nodes, how long does it take for the newly created node to be deleted and downscale, back to the original number (to one node). Of course we are assuming that there is no need (high traffic) for another node to be there. Thank you!

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