AutoNation delivers everything automotive to its customers with AppDynamics


    AutoNation wants to be everything automotive to its customers – from sales and services to collision and parts. To make that happen and deliver seamless experiences across the board, AutoNation needs visibility into its application environment.

    That’s where AppDynamics comes in. Full-stack observability with AppDynamics provides AutoNation with a deeper view of its application servers, databases and third-party services, ensuring it can spot and get ahead of issues long before they affect customers.

    Integrations with Cisco Secure Application and ThousandEyes, combined with an ongoing migration to SaaS-based applications, have empowered AutoNation’s business and IT teams to join forces and deliver peerless customer services at every turn.

    To learn how AutoNation and other leading companies attain full-stack observability with AppDynamics, visit us at

    :10 Business metrics set the tone
    :33 What is full-stack observability?
    1:00 Improving automation with ThousandEyes and Cisco Secure Application


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