Automated Twitter Bot in Python

In this video we build a simple Twitter bot in Python.

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33 thoughts on “Automated Twitter Bot in Python”
  1. Hey, I have an issue that I can't get past.
    I have Elevated access, but when I try to Tweet something using my bot, it just gives me a 401 (Unauthorised) error.
    I used the code you displayed here how I needed to.
    Could someone help? Thanks if you do.

  2. Hey man, love the video! However, I'm stuck at the 5:45 timestamp with this error: "TypeError: API.create_friendship() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given". My code is exactly the same as yours (triple-checked everything) and I'm using the latest versions of both Python and Tweepy. Any suggestions? I looked it up, but really to no avail.

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