Automated Python Code Generation with Mito


    Mito Installation Instructions:

    Mito YouTube Channel:


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    1. Thanky you for informative video.
      I cannot see the save button in my jupyter lab environment.
      Is there any possible reason for this?
      My environment is as follows

      jupyterlab 3.1.7

      jupyterlab-pygments 0.1.2

      jupyterlab-server 2.7.1

      jupyterlab-widgets 1.0.0

      mitoinstaller 0.0.94

      mitosheet3 0.3.155

      monotonic 1.6

    2. This is really Cool, but somtimes it's scary to see such innovations… cos these are the types of developments which can reduce the demand for data scientists and a common man can get things done.. It's not too far … cos I used to wonder – What if someone made a program that could automate the EDA and the model building … 🙁

    3. Hii all
      Please feel free to rply
      I am a civil engg graduate .
      I am interested to make a career out of the data scientist role..
      So can anyone guide me on how to start gathering skills for data science role.. From scratch ..!
      Hoping a positive responce..!!