Automate Your IT Career with Ansible Playbooks

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In this video, Shawn Powers shows you how to automate your IT career by using software like Ansible. If you want to better manage the servers you have now, or if you want to showcase the potential advantages automation can offer your business, this video is for you.

The holy grail for systems administrators is automation, and there are powerful tools that will help you do just that. Shawn discusses what you should consider across a range of issues, from which software to choose to setting up a playbook. Although you aren’t limited to a single option, he’ll use Ansible as an example and will walk you through each step of installing and setting up an initial configuration. He’ll also demonstrate critical junctures, such as setting up an SSH key. It’s critical to give each computer sudo access, so Ansible to be able to use it when it’s connected.

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11 thoughts on “Automate Your IT Career with Ansible Playbooks”
  1. God i wish all tutorials were like this, no nonesense theory, straight to the point, managed to understand and learn in 14 minutes more than 2 hours in any other tutos.
    Thank you for the awsome tuto, please keep it this way, don't change anything.

  2. Short and straight to the point. Even from the 1st video I watched I managed to configure our few Linux VM's instances with playbook to manage and distribute our accounts + private SSH keys in the environment we maintain so when new person join, wont be needed to go all over the Linux instances adding his account and private key.

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