Automate TINDER with Python tutorial


    Hope you got something out of this, and it was at least entertaining.
    If not, at least it was short 😉

    Built with Python, Selenium, and Google Chrome.
    We use web scraping patterns + a finite state machine.

    Here’s the code:

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    1. I am trying to write a code that gets the coordinates from a game I play called Ark: Survival Evolved. I cannot locate the temp file that lists the latitude and longitude of my position in the game so I decided to take pictures of each number 0-9 and search that small area for those numbers, adding them up, telling me what my coordinates are.
      The issue is that it takes 30-60 seconds to tell me what the latitude and longitude is lat: 26.45 lon 92.36. I am trying to find a way to make it faster because I want to automate some very boring tasks in the game that give me anxiety to do over and over again quickly. but if its going to take 30-60 seconds in between each action, confirming where I am, moving to location b, confirming I am there in that exact location, if I am not then correct position again. that is 2-4 minutes before it has even started doing what I want it to do, it is very slow and I want to get it to be as fast as possible.

      Any tips?

    2. I tried moving chromedriver to the bin folder and OH MY GOD. My computer semi-bricked LOL. It couldn't find contacts, chrome tabs were loading (error 5), all apps couldn't be found, and once restarted the computer defaulted to default UI. The error I was getting was first permission denied, then usr/local/bin/chrom—- (either chromedriver or chromium, maybe) couldn't be found. I moved past permission denied by using the sudo command, but the second error persisted. I was doing this in terminal. I noticed in the video you were doing this in Bash.

      Any ideas what may have happened?

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