Automate Facebook using python | Graph API & Requests | Post on FB Pages | Explained in Minutes

In this video, we will discuss how to automate facebook posts using python by help of facebook graph API and facebook-sdk.
🚀facebook-sdk is a client library which is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.

🚀 You can install facebook-sdk by executing in cmd with: pip install facebook-sdk

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✅Python modules used :
✅Facebook Graph API link to get access token:

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✅ Github code link:

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33 thoughts on “Automate Facebook using python | Graph API & Requests | Post on FB Pages | Explained in Minutes”
  1. I liked this video. Think about promotion, things like g e t 4 v i e w s can help you to find your target audience.

  2. thank you for this great video I wonder how can you get all facebook posts of a public page you dont own?

  3. Clean and simple explanation. I have a question Is there a way to automate post from one page to another page, like main page we post and we also have a backup page and same post is also posted there. Is this possible?

  4. I wonder if the Graph API could allow search post using keyword? This looks not allowed so reducing the usefulness of the API. Do you have any idea for sharing?

  5. Amazing video.Can you post a video on how to extract public profile data or friends profile data using Post Id?I think this shows only my Post Id.Thank you

  6. Can I fetch the like and react on my post in my page and store that number in database?

  7. Will this work for different users? As access token is shown only to that specific user. If someone sets up a website for other users to do such tasks, how to go about it?

  8. Brother need your help to post a video with message with the graph api, I am able to upload a video but I need to post a message or caption as well please help

  9. Could you make a tutorial on how to upload "resumable" videos to a fan page with python and Graph API, please? I have tried but it returns an error.

  10. I am glad I was able to saw your video. How did you do to have that dropdown list of commands like when you type "fb." then there are dropdown list shows?

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