Automate Excel Spreadsheet with Python


    In this Python tutorial, I will be covering how to automate Excel spreadsheets using win32com (pywin32) library in Python.

    Things I will be covering in this tutorial:
    1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet
    2. Write/Read data from an Excel spreadsheet
    3. Save the Excel file

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    To install win32com library: pip install pywin32

    # why win32com?
    As a Windows user myself, the win32com library provides me with the flexibility to communicate multiple applications and integrate them with ease. Especially, I can control the applications while the applications are open. The other advantage win32com has over other Excel Python libraries is that, using win32com to link to an COM object application, I will have access to the entire object models vs other Excel Python libraries will only have a limited features available.

    ## win32com (pywin32)
    A Python extension for Microsoft Windows provides access to the Win32 API. Using Win32 API, we will be able to create and use COM objects to automate applications such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, Access, PowerPoint, or event Photoshop. On top that, we will be able to automate a wide range of features on Windows.

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    1. At work I have all these different excel spreadsheets I need scan through for information. I want to create a prompt that ask for the name of the user and scans through these excel spreadsheets n then shows me predetermined useful information I would need.. is this possible with python?